My son and I have been doing Pilates with a mums and bubs group at North Avoca Surf Club for the last few months and we both love it. It's so beneficial post pregnancy for core strength and it's relaxing for the body and the mind to be by the ocean with other mums and bubs. Michelle is very helpful and encouraging as well as offering a challenging yet well paced pilates class. We use a variety of props and the classes are always varied. The bubs also really seem to find her voice captivating and relaxing. It is genuinely the best hour of my week and we both love going to Pilates. One other mums bubs started to roll in class and our little man started to crawl. Not sure if this has anything to do with the class or not but it is very interesting... They watch us move our bodies and learn to move their own! I leave every class feeling refreshed and energized!

Robi Robinson

Choosing one of the many different classes every week, I look forward to my Pilates class with either Michelle or Simon at the Terrigal or Avoca surf clubs. They are excellent instructors, the views are terrific and the atmosphere, friendly and welcoming. The classes are challenging, but achievable by all levels of participant, and you do what you feel comfortable with. I have felt a great improvement to my core fitness, which has helped to strengthen my back. With different apparatus every week to exercise different areas, the classes offer variety with expert tuition you can trust. I highly recommend people to give it a try- why not come and join us?

Pamela – Terrigal

I am not the type to wear leotards but if I don’t do Pilates each week then my body really misses it. Michelle and Simon are very experienced teachers and offer a range of movements and exercises to suit all body types always in a friendly non judgmental manner. I like the ambience of the Friday 9:30am class at Terrigal surf club, a friendly and supportive group, the room over looks the beach and ocean and close to plenty of coffee shops where we can catch up after class.

Wendy Nickless

I first came to Pilates in 2006 after it was recommended by a physiotherapist following an attack of sciatica. I have found the exercises very beneficial under the well qualified instruction of Michelle and Simon and have continued Pilates until this day.

Diane Tasker

After sitting at a desk all week, I look forward to my Thursday evening class at Nth Avoca Surf Club. An hour of stretching and strengthening leaves my body feeling calm and stress free and my lower back and neck feeling so much better. My flexibility has vastly improved and I am now a lot more aware of how to correct my posture. I would recommend Michelle and Simon’s classes to anyone looking to improve their posture, strengthen their back and stomach muscles and increase their flexibility, and the surf club venues are fantastic !

S Taylor

Ten years of Pilates sessions with Simon and Michelle have improved my posture, increased my core strength, balance and flexibility, all things very important as one ages. I started Pilates with Simon because of frequent back and neck pain and the physio and doctor both suggested it would help. With improved posture and core strength the back and neck problems are a thing of the past. Simon keeps the class interesting with constantly changing exercises and the use of small equipment. He works the whole body and one comes away with a sense of well being.

Y Bean

It's such a great way to start the week with an hour of Pilates. I have been going to Michelles Wamberal surf club class for the past four years and have definitely noticed the difference in my posture and core strength, my flexibilty has also improved. Simon allows you to work at your own pace while still gaining the benefits. I always feel relaxed and wonderful after the class. Not only do you have amazing views from the surf club venues but the café next door serves a great coffee and of course there is the option for a stroll along the beach before or after the class. I would highly recommend Michelle's Pilates for those who want to improve all aspects of their health.

Donna Pengilly

Seven years ago my lower back was in such bad shape and so painful that I struggled to even get out of the car. I went to a massage therapist who straightened me out in three very painful sessions. The therapist told me I had two choices, I could come back to him every three months or I could go to Pilates. He recommended Michelle’s Pilates Place from personal experience. I took his advice, began Pilates with Michelle and Simon and haven’t looked back. My wife joined me three years later and since then we have been free of back problems and have greater strength and flexibility. Our weekly class with Michelle or Simon is all it takes coupled with our walking and swimming. As we head towards our seventies, it’s great to know that we can maintain our core fitness and do the activities we want to do.

John and Julie Blakemore


Something special happens when you keep turning up to Simon and Michelle’s Pilates class with willingness to reconnect with core strength and quietening of all the demands of the busy world. My body has completely changed – it is stronger, a little leaner and more connected than ever before. The reconnection with core strength and breath engages a sense of clarity which therefore creates a space for peak performance in all areas of my life. It has even helped my skiing with great posture and core strength. Most importantly makes you feel really good and inspires you to keep turning up – it’s truly remarkable for which I am extremely grateful.

Just give it a go, it’s amazing!

Jill James - 60


I am a keen golfer who, on the advice of my son who is an Osteopath, started pilates two and a half years ago. He advised me to do this because of my problem-prone back. Pilates has been a very positive step towards strengthening my back muscles and abdomen thus improving my posture and core strength and I also feel that I have a body awareness that I've never experienced before. As a result of my improved strength and flexibility I have reduced my golf handicap.

Robyn Johnston


If getting in shape is one of your goals, then you should look no further than Michelle's Pilates Place. I have just started my 6th year with Michelle and Simon and I have found their Pilates classes to be so beneficial. Not only do I feel great but my body is stronger, more flexible and my posture has never been better. My breathing and core strength has also improved and I feel so stretched and supple. Unlike other Pilates courses I have attended in the past, I find Michelle and Simon's sessions very personal as the classes are not too large and each student gets individual attention. To top it off, the courses are held at either North Avoca, Avoca or Terrigal Surf Club so you can tone up whilst enjoying the beautiful vista over the beach. So whether you are young or not so young, I would highly recommend Michelle's Pilates Place, as you'll discover a type of exercise that you actually want to do because it makes you feel so great!

Pauline - 56yrs


I first went along to a pilates class just over two years ago. I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to spend the first moments of the class listening to the instructor about the basics and history of pilates. I was so impressed with the first two classes where the instructor not only explained and demonstrated the movements but also corrected them that I suggested to my husband that perhaps he should join. He did which proves that men can do it! Now two years later we still attend class. Every class is different, with different equipment used, we go twice a week and look and feel much better. Our posture, movement, core stability and strength have improved and we are much more aware of our bodies. We love it!

Viv & Geoff Thomas


As a chronic asthmatic, I have my condition monitored annually. After less than a year of pilates (with Simon and Michelle)*, my peak flow jumped by over 40 points - an unheard of increase that could be explained by no other lifestyle changes. The focus on core strength and controlled breathing has had the bonus result of increasing my lung capacity.

Tracey Baglin - Aged 41