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Pilates at the workplace

Pilates in the workplace is the perfect exercise for anyone who has to sit at a desk for most of the day. Office workers can develop poor posture creating upper or lower back problems, it can also create a build up of tension in the shoulders and neck and cause headaches. Other workers who spend long hours on their feet or working with small children are also at the risk of developing a variety of back problems, many of which can be alleviated through postural awareness and pilates exercises.

Michelles Pilates Place currently runs classes at schools and colleges either after school for teachers and staff, or during school for pupils as part of their sports curriculum.

Our after hours school classes for teachers and staff, are designed to develop a strong healthy posture and relieve stress at the end of the working day. A minimum of 6 participants are required, and classes are usually held in the library or common area. Start and term times can be structured to suit your school. Fees are claimbale through certain health funds, Teachers health Fund being one of them.

Whilst gaining incredible popularity with adults, the Pilates Method also offers a range of benefits to children and teens. It is important for growing bodies to maintain its flexibility and develop a strong healthy posture. An increased level of body awareness and muscle control can improve performance and prevent injury in other sporting activities.

The Pilates Method can help provide a good foundation for an active healthy life so that later in life the reliance on remedial treatment can be reduced.

If you think our classes could be of benefit to your school, college or workplace, call us on 4384 5005 or 0425 224 532 for more information.