Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Pilates ?

The Pilates Method is a non impact form of total body conditioning suitable for men and woman, young and old (12 years +) and old, (we have clients in their 70’s) regardless of their current level of fitness.

How often should I do Pilates ?

Most of our clients attend classes once or twice a week. In the beginner course you will learn a repertoire of exercises which can be practised at home everyday. Most of us these days though live busy lives and for a lot of our clients their Pilates class once or twice a week is their time out to focus on themselves, exercise their body in a calm environment and de-stress. The key to really feeling the benefits of Pilates is to make it part of your weekly routine.

What should I bring and wear to the class ?

Everyone brings their own exercise mat and towel. Small equipment, Swiss balls, Circles, Weights, etc are provided by us and wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movement, footwear is removed.

How does Pilates differ from Yoga ?

Joseph Pilates was inspired by both Eastern and Western forms of exercise while developing his methods so there are similarities. The breathing is different and whereas Yoga moves from one static posture to the next Pilates is functional movement of the limbs in a repetitious manner to strengthen core and stabilising muscles.

I have a bad back /back pain will I be able to do Pilates ?

If it is a recent injury consult your doctor or specialist first. The beginner’s course is taught in a progressive style starting with the basics of concentration, breathing, engaging deep abdominal muscles. Week by week we build on what has been learnt in previous weeks. Exercises can be adapted or alternative exercises can be given to individuals with back problems but the combination of increased strength in the abdominal girdle and back muscles along with improved flexibility and heightened body awareness can only be beneficial in overcoming a back injury and back pain.

Can I claim Health Fund rebates ?

Certain Health Funds cover our classes, go to the Health Fund Rebates page for more information.

Can I do Pilates with an existing injury ?

Of course this depends on the injury. Any acute injury individuals would be better to receive one on one attention in a studio environment. Physios, osteopaths and chiropractors send clients to us after they have completed required rehabilitation. Ask your doctor if you could participate in a group exercise environment before enrolling. However for individuals with less acute or old injuries we can adapt the exercises so they can be performed within their own limitations.

What if I miss a class ?

The class is not lost, you are able to make-up the class on an alternative day anytime within the term. This system provides flexibility for clients so you don’t miss out on classes.

Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant ?

The recommended time to begin any new exercise program when pregnant is after the first 12 weeks. If you are already doing Pilates before falling pregnant this may be earlier but a doctors clearance is needed. Pilates is a recommended form of exercise during pregnancy, as it is low impact and focuses on breathing, strength and stability. Pilates helps to support the body through the many postural changes in pregnancy, and can assist during birth and postnatal.