Pilates Group Mat Classes - Term 1, 2020

Tuesday, January 28 - Thursday, April 9


Casual class: $17
11 classes, term package: $165 (11 week expiry)
22 classes, term package: $254 (11 week expiry)

Due to public holidays, Monday and Friday classes are a 10 week term, i.e. $150 for 1 weekly class, $240 for 2 weekly classes.

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Payment can be made directly to the following account:
Name: Michelles's Pilates
BSB: 062651
Account: 10109772

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Pilates Classes


7:30am - Basic/Intermediate - North Avoca Surf Club

9:30am - Beginner/Basic - North Avoca Surf Club

6:00pm - Intermediate - Wagstaffe Hall

6:00pm - Beginner/Intermediate - Copacabana Surf Club


9:30am - Pilates Ball + Small Apparatus - North Avoca Surf Club


8:30am - Beginner/Basic - North Avoca Surf Club

6:00pm - Intermediate - North Avoca Surf Club

6:00pm - Beginner/Intermediate - Umina Surf Club

7:00pm - Beginner/Basic - North Avoca Surf Club


9:30am Beginner/Basic - North Avoca Surf Club

10:30am Mums & Bubs - North Avoca Surf Club


7:30am - Intermediate - North Avoca Surf Club

9:30am - Beginner/Basic - North Avoca Surf Club

Order Of Class Levels

This level suits clients new to Pilates method and those who feel they are not ready yet to join faster paced intermediate class. Focusing on active breathing, improving body awareness, posture and flexibility, with a variety and small equipment, the aim is to develop pelvic and lower back stability though the strengthening of deep abdominal and lower back muscles.

Once you have learnt the basics of the pilates method and are familiar with most of the repertoire of exercises at this level, the class is a little fasted paced developing strength along flexibility while still focusing on core stability.

Pilates Ball And Small Apparatus
This class is suitable for an intermediate standard. Alternating weekly between swiss ball and a verity of small apparatus, mentioned in the intermediate class description. With the use of a provided swiss ball you will also learn new and adapted exercises that will continue to challenge you in a variety of ways.

Mum and Bubs
This class has been designed to commence approx. Six weeks after the birth of your baby and up to approx. 8-9 months of age. The class consists of Pilates Beginner classes for you and your baby together. Learn how to recommence safely to improve core stability and postural control.


Avoca Beach - Avoca Beach Surf Club on Vine Street

North Avoca - North Avoca Surf Club on North Avoca Parade

Umina - Umina Surf Club on Ocean Beach Road

Wagstaffe - Wagstaffe Hall on On Wagstaffe Ave

Copacabana - Copacabana Surf Club